NFL Player Foundation Grant

NFL Player Foundation Grant

Through the Player Foundation Grant program, the NFL Foundation recognizes and supports the charitable work of current and former NFL players' non-profit organizations that either fund and implement programs; or function as grant-making foundations to other charitable organizations.

The NFL Foundation grant making focuses for the 2018 grant cycle are Youth Character Development and Youth Health, Safety and Wellness. If your foundation works in either of these areas, please carefully detail your work in the narrative sections of the grant application.


In order to be considered for an NFL Player Foundation Grant, the following guidelines must be met. Please read carefully before moving forward:

  • The NFL Player Foundation Grant program is open to current and former NFL players with non-profit organizations.
  • For former NFL players, only those vested under the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Retirement Plan are eligible for funding consideration. NFL Player Foundation Grants may not be awarded to memorial foundations on behalf of deceased former players.
  • The applying organization must be defined as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) or Section 509 of the IRS Code. (For players who have established donor advised funds with local community foundations, the NFL Foundation will only support those community foundations recognized by the Council on Foundations and practicing under National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations. See for more information). Please note that the NFL Foundation will not review applications for organizations who do not have proof (an IRS determination letter) of tax-exempt status. An organization’s application for tax-exempt status is not considered proof.
  • The organization must be established by the player or the player (former only) must be a full-time, salaried employee of the non-profit organization. Board member, spokesman, volunteer and other support positions do not qualify.
  • The organization must be located or operating within the area of the player’s current or former NFL team or in his hometown. The player must demonstrate active involvement with the organization.
  • The NFL Foundation follows national grant making standards and Better Business Bureau recommendations, and seeks to fund organizations with administrative costs of less than 35% of the total expense budget.
  • Grants cannot be made to memorial foundations that were established on behalf of deceased NFL players.
  • New, or recently created foundations must provide at least one year of financial information in order to be eligible for a grant. **Projected budgets cannot be used for an NFLF review.

Please Also Note:

  • If a player applicant does not work full-time for his non-profit organization, a maximum grant from the NFL Foundation cannot exceed one-half of that player’s personal contribution to his foundation. However, this rule DOES NOT apply to former players who are salaried employees of the foundation and hold no other jobs.
  • The NFL Foundation evaluates all Player Foundation Grant applications and groups them into tiers to determine funding levels. Tiering is based on specific factors including:
  1. Level of player involvement in his organization
  2. Whether the organization provides direct services or partners with other organizations that offer programming in their communities
  3. Quality of the services provided and scope of impact
  4. The financial strength of the organization
  5. The clarity of the application and presentation of its financial information
  6. The amount of the player’s personal financial contribution to his own foundation for the current fiscal year (applies only for current players and former players who are not full-time, salaried employees for their organization)
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.
  • Applications with missing information at the time of the deadline will be closed.
  • Applications must include all of the required attachments listed on the last page of the online form.
  • This is a paperless application process and all applications must be submitted online via GAMS. Hard copies of the application received by mail, fax or email cannot be processed properly.
  • Players applying for an NFL Player Foundation Grant may also apply for funding support through a Youth Football Camp Grant (for information, please visit However, the NFL Foundation will NOT award NFL Player Foundation Grants to organizations that seek funding solely to support a youth football camp.


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