Player Matching Grant & Pro Bowl Champion Grant

Player Matching Grant & Pro Bowl Champion Grant

The NFL Foundation is pleased to support youth and high school football programs around the country through several grant programs. This support ensures that youth and high school football players have the equipment and resources they need to play the game safely.

  • PRO BOWL CHAMPIONS GRANT - For the second year, the NFL Foundation is providing financial grants made on behalf of our current players who were members of the 2019 Pro Bowl Champion AFC team. The NFL Foundation will complete a $10,000 grant to eligible schools and/or youth programs selected by members of the 2019 Pro Bowl Champion AFC team. Only players that played in the game, or, missed the game due to Super Bowl participation are eligibile. 

  • NFL Player Financial Match Grant - Current and former NFL players who donate to youth or high school football programs are eligible to receive 1:1 match funding for that program of up to $5,000. CURRENTLY CLOSED UNTIL JUNE

  • Former NFL Players Currently Coaching Grant - Former NFL players who now serve as coaches (beyond a volunteer basis) for yoth or high school football teams are eligible to receive up to $8,000 in funding for their football programs. This grant does not require a financial match and grants are awarded based on both need and merrit of the application. CURRENTLY CLOSED UNTIL JUNE

IMPORTANT: Please note there is a requirement for the 2019 grant program. In order for a youth football organization to receive a grant from the NFL Foundation it must be registered for USA Football’s Heads Up Football 2019 program. We will not consider any applications for organizations that are not registered. This requirement does not apply to high school football programs.



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