More Than 220 Former NFL Players Serving As Master Trainers and Ambassadors For USA Football’s Heads Up Program

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More than 220 former NFL players are serving as Master Trainers and Ambassadors to teach and reinforce USA Football’s Heads Up Football program to youth leagues and high schools nationwide during the 2015 season. The number of former NFL Players participating in the program has tripled since 2013.

Approximately 6,500 youth football leagues and more than 1,100 high schools nationwide, representing more than 1 million players, have enrolled in Heads Up Football for better and safer play this season. The program has been endorsed by experts in medicine, child advocacy and athletics.

Of USA Football’s 83 Master Trainers, 13 played in the NFL, bringing knowledge and insight gained from competing at the sport’s highest level. USA Football Master Trainers lead full-day instructional sessions for high school and youth programs nationwide, teaching Heads Up Football’s curriculum to high school- and youth league-appointed Player Safety Coaches.

In addition, more than 215 former NFL players will serve as Heads Up Football Ambassadors, visiting practices and games of teams that participate in the program. Ambassadors strengthen awareness and reinforce Heads Up Football’s messages and standards.

“Young athletes deserve great sports experiences that produce positive physical, emotional and social outcomes,” said USA Football Master Trainer NICK GREISEN, who played linebacker for the New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos from 2002-09. “USA Football helps high school and youth coaches deliver those experiences on a higher level by keeping the game fun and leveraging the best available science. I’m a dad as well as a USA Football Master Trainer – what we are doing at USA Football is important to me and former NFL players on a number of levels.”

USA Football’s Heads Up Football program encompasses hands-on, in-person training; USA Football’s Level 1 Coach Certification Course; Heads Up Blocking and Heads Up Tackling techniques for better play; and proper equipment fitting. Heads Up Football also covers the all-sport-relevant elements of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concussion recognition and response and medical expert-approved protocols for heat and hydration as well as sudden cardiac arrest. The program has earned the support of the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, among others.

For more information or to join a clinic attended by Master Trainers and Ambassadors, contact Catherine Boyle, NFL, 212/450-2162,

USA Football Master Trainers with NFL playing experience:

Ronald Bellamy



Michael Lewis


Doug Cosbie



Mike Middleton


Buddy Curry



Willie Pile


Troy Drayton



George Teague


Robert Droege



Michael Timpson


Nick Greisen



Alan Zemaitis


Michael Haynes



Heads Up Football Ambassadors:

Anthony Adams; SF, CHI   

Stefon Adams; CLE, MIA, LA Raiders 

Chidi Ahanotu; BUF, SF, STL, TB, MIA 

Eric Alexander; CLE, JAX, NE  

Bennie Anderson; BAL, BUF, MIA  

Eddie Anderson, Jr.; SEA, OAK   

Mike Attardi; LA Raiders    

Edwin Bailey; SEA    

Shawn Barber; KC, WAS, PHI, HOU 

Frederick Baxter; CHI, NE, NYJ, WAS 

Frank Beede; SEA    

Donnell Bennett Jr.; KC, WAS   

Blaine Bishop; PHI, TEN   

Harold Blackmon; SEA    

Kenny Blair; PHI    

Joe Bock; BUF, STL Cardinals

Dante Booker; IND    

Alfonso Boone; CHI, KC, SD  

Casey Bramlet; ATL, BAL, CIN, MIA 

Solomon Brannan; KC, NYJ   

Larry Braziel; BAL Colts, CLE   

Jim Breech; CIN, OAK   

Luther Broughton; PHI, CAR   

Dennis Brown; SF    

Robert Butler; ATL    

Earnest Byner; BAL, CLE, WAS  

Chris Calloway; ATL, NE, NYG, PIT 

Greg Camarillo; SD, MIA, MIN, NO 

Anthony Cannon; DET    

Tony Casillas; ATL, NYJ, DAL  

Luis Castillo; SD    

Jacques Cesaire; SD    

Roger Chanoine Jr; STL, CLE, JAX  

Kevin Clark; DEN    

Gregory Comella; NYG, TEN, HOU, TB 

Steven Conley; IND, PIT   

Scott Conover; DET    

Toi Cook; NO, SF, CAR  

Marv Cook; NE, CHI, STL  

Evan Cooper; ATL, PHI   

Vernon Crawford; NE, GB   

Clifton Crosby; STL, CIN, IND, KC 

Mike Curcio; PHI, GB, NYG 

Buddy Curry; ATL    

Johnny Davis; TB, SF, CLE  

Oliver Davis; CLE, CIN   

Anthony Davis; BAL, GB, KC, SEA 

Tony Davis; CIN, TB   

Scott Davis; NYG, ATL   

Lorenzo Diamond; ARI, MIA   

Doug Donley; DAL, CHI   

Marcus Dowtin; BUF, NYG, NYJ, PHI, SEA

Tyronne Drakeford; NO, SF, WAS  

Troy Drayton; GB, KC, MIA, STL 

Ebenezer Ekuban; DAL, CLE, DEN  

Keith Elias; NYG, IND   

Riki Ellison; SF, OAK   

Luther Elliss; DET, DEN   

Demetric Evans; DAL, WAS, SF  

Thomas Everett; PIT, DAL, TB  

Bill Ferrario; GB, WAS

Brian Finneran; PHI, ATL   

Dion Foxx; MIA, WAS   

William Frizzell; PHI, DET, TB

David Fulcher; CIN, LA Raiders, KC  

David Garrard; JAX, NYJ    

Mark Gastineau; NYJ    

Randall Gay; NO, NE   

Roy Gerela; HOU, PIT, SD  

Bryan Gilmore; ARI, MIA, SF  

Reggie Givens; SF, WAS   

Nesby Glasgow; BAL/IND, SEA   

Adam Goldberg; MIN, STL   

Randy Gradishar; DEN    

Neil Graff; NE, PIT, SEA, GB

Demingo Graham; SD, HOU   

Alan Grant; IND, SF, CIN, WAS 

Justin Green; BAL

Ahman Green; GB, SEA, HOU  

Kenny Greene; STL Cardinals, SD   

Nick Greisen; BAL, JAX, NYG 

Burt Grossman; SD, PHI    

Derek Hagan; BUF, MIA, NYG, OAK, TEN

Justise Hairston; NE, IND, BUF  

Carl Hairston; PHI, CLE, ARI  

Phil Hansen; BUF    

Roger Harper; ATL, DAL   

Deveron Harper; CAR, NO   

James Harrell; DET, KC   

Arlen Harris; STL, DET

Lloyd Harrison; MIA, SD, WAS  

Jeff Hartings; DET, PIT   

Aaron Hayden; GB, SD, PHI

Steve Hendrickson; SF, SD, HOO, PHI, DAL

Lester Holmes; ARI, OAK, PHI  

Brad Hoover; CAR    

Bobby Howard; TB    

Garry Howe; PIT, CIN, IND  

John Huard; DEN, NO   

Javin Hunter; BAL, SF   

Gerald Irons; OAK, CLE   

Brad Jackson; MIA, BAL, ARI  

Erasmus James; MIN, WAS   

Paul Janus; CAR, DET   

Ron Johnson; PHI    

Donald Jones; NYJ, MIN   

Mark Jones; TB, CAR, NYG, TEN 

Andrew Jordan Jr.; MIN, TB, PHI  

Isaiah Kacyvenski; SEA, STL, OAK  

Mark Kelso; BUF    

Derek Kennard; STL/PHO Cardinals, NO, DAL  

Terry Killens; HOO, TEN, SF, SEA 

Brian Kinchen; MIA, CLE, BAL, CAR, NE

Eric King; BUF, CLE, DET, TEN 

Rocky Klever; NYJ    

Tim Krumrie; CIN    

Ralph Kurek; CHI    

Jim Lachey; LA Raiders, SD, WAS  

Harper LeBel; SEA, PHI, ATL, CHI, BAL

Chad Lewis; PHI, STL   

Jeremy Lincoln; CHI, SEA, NYG, DET, STL 

Neil Lomax; STL/PHO Cardinals    

Keith Loneker; STL, ATL   

Andre Lott; CHI, PIT, SD, WAS 

Peter Macias; TB    

Drew Mahalic; SD, PHI   

Steve Marks; LA Rams    

Mike Martin; CIN    

Christopher Martin; KC, MIN, NO, STL 

Cecil Martin; OAK, PHI, TB  

Lonnie Marts Jr; KC, TB, TEN, JAX 

Eugene Marve; BUF, TB, SD  

Tony Mayberry; TB    

Corey Mays; NE, CIN, KC  

Blaine McElmurry; GB, TEN, JAX  

Guy McIntyre; GB, PHI, SF  

Billy McMullen; PHI, MIN, SEA  

Michael Meade; GB, DET   

Natrone Means; CAR, JAX, SD

Ahmad Merritt; ARI, CHI, DAL  

Michael Merriweather; GB, MIN, NYJ, PIT 

Pete Mitchell; DET, IND, JAX, NYG 

Alonzo Mitz; SEA, CIN   

Michael Mohring; SD    

Langston Moore; ARI, CIN, DET  

Dave Moore; TB, MIA, BUF

Robert Moore; ATL    

Marty Moore; NE, CLE   

Anthony Morgan; CHI, GB   

Randall Morris; SEA, DET    

Gregory Murphy; NYJ, NYG   

Anthony Newman; NO, OAK, STL  

Danny Noonan; DAL, GB

Ken Oxendine; ATL    

Allen Patrick; CLE, JAX, NYG  

JC Pearson; KC, MIN   

Ted Petersen; PIT, CLE, IND  

Todd Pinkston; PHI    

Ron Pitts; BUF, GB   

Bruce Plummer; DEN, IND, PHI  

Lousaka Polite; ATL, CHI, DAL, MIA, NE

Mike Prior; TB, IND, GB  

Neil Rackers; CIN, ARI, HOU  

Kyle Richardson; BAL, MIN, CIN, CLE, MIA  

Mike Richardson; CHI, SF   

Elston Ridgle; ARI, BUF, CIN, OAK, SEA, SF

Kendrick Rogers; ARI, PHI   

John Roman; NYJ    

Durwood Roquemore; KC, BUF   

Mike Rucker; CAR    

Gary Russell; PIT, OAK   

Chris Sanders; TEN    

Jesse Sapolu; SF    

Patrick Sapp; SD, ARI   

Bo Schobel; TEN, IND, ARI, JAX 

Kevin Scott; DET    

Scott Shanle; STL, DAL, NO  

Malcolm Sheppard; HOU, TEN   

Daniel Shterk; DEN    

Jamie Silva; IND    

Tony Simmons; CLE, HOU, IND, NE, NYG

Thomas Smith; BUF, CHI, IND  

Shaun Smith; CIN, CLE, DAL, KC, NO, TEN

Chris Smith; KC    

Derek Stanley; STL    

Duane Starks; BAL, ARI, NE, OAK 

Syndric Steptoe; CLE    

Rayna Stewart; HOO, MIA, JAX  

Maurice Stovall; TB, DET, JAX  

John Swain; MIN, MIA, PIT  

Karl Swanke; GB    

Reggie Swinton; ARI, DAL, DET, GB  

Ray Sydnor; PHI    

Charrod Taylor; NYG    

Craig Terrill; SEA    

Timothy Terry; CIN, SEA  

Michael Timpson; NE, CHI, PHI  

Robbie Tobeck; ATL, SEA  

Rod Trafford; BUF, NE

Richard Trapp; BUF, SD, PHI  

Ben Troupe; TEN, TB, OAK  

Stu Voigt; MIN    

Bryan Wagner; CHI, CLE, GB, NE, SD

Chris Ward; MIA, NO, NYJ

Christopher Wells; ARI

Jamel White; BAL, CLE, TB, DET   

Erik Williams; BAL, DAL   

Roland Williams; OAK, STL, TB  

Wally Williams; BAL, CLE, NO  

James Williams; CHI    

Blaise Winter; IND, GB, SD  

Garrett Wolfe; CHI    

Lee Woodall; SF, CAR, DEN  

Eric Wright; CHI    

Ryan Yarborough; NYJ, BAL   

David Zawatson; ATL, CHI, NYJ, MIA 


Among the leaders across medicine and sport who support USA Football’s Heads Up Football program include:

  • Amateur Athletic Union
    • Korey Stringer Institute at the U. of Conn.
    • NFL Physicians Society
  • American College of Sports Medicine
    • Md. Public Secondary Schools Ath. Assoc.
    • Nat’l Interscholastic Athletic Admin. Assoc.
  • American Football Coaches Association
    • Maxwell Football Club
    • National Police Athletic League
  • American Medical Society for Sports Med.
    • Michigan H.S. Football Coaches Assoc.
    • National Parent Teacher Assoc. (PTA)
  • Arizona Interscholastic Association
    • Minnesota Football Coaches Assoc.
    • North Carolina Coaches Association
  • Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)
    • National Association of Sports Officials
    • Northern Va. Football Coaches Assoc.
  • Big 12 Conference
    • National Athletic Trainers Association
    • Oregon School Activities Association
  • Big Ten Conference
    • NATA Research & Ed. Foundation
    • Pac-12 Conference
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America
    • National Fed. of State High School Assoc.
    • Pop Warner Little Scholars
  • Conference USA
    • National Football League
    • Pro Football Athletic Trainers Society
  • ESPN
    • NFL Alumni Association
    • Southeastern Conference (SEC)
  • Indiana Football Coaches Association
    • NFL Head, Neck & Spine Committee
    • Sport Safety International
    • Sports & Fitness Industry Association


About USA Football: Indianapolis-based USA Football ( is the sport’s national governing body, leading the game’s development for youth, high school and other amateur players. The independent nonprofit partners with leaders in medicine, child advocacy and sport to establish important standards rooted in the best available science. USA Football advances coaching education and player skill development for safer play and positive experiences through athletics. Follow USA Football at or on Twitter @USAFootball.